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Manning Agents in Ukraine since 1990
A growing supply of Ukrainian officers

Approximately 115,000 Ukrainian seafarers are available globally; together with all Russian speaking nationals, Ukrainians form the second largest group of seafarers second to Filipino crew. 
The seafarers’ profession is perceived as very prestigious and rewarding. Ukrainians will always look towards the sea for a lifelong employment and career.
Today, the majority of professional Ukrainian seafarers have matured to perform competitively on an international level. They have rejected the old stigma of alcohol abuse. Such seafarers exist and look for employment. In conjunction with the quality of our clients, Adriatico Crewing specializes in sourcing such seafarers.
Ukraine’s Maritime Academies have been restructured. About 50 registered Maritime Academies, Technological Universities and Institutions provide standardized training and further education. Adriatico Crewing helps clients maintain certified and certification-refreshed crew, as well as help run successful Cadet Programs accordingly.

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