Manning Agents in Ukraine since 1990

Dear fellow shipping professional,
We started offering crewing services from our first office in Mariupol, Ukraine, in 1990. Since then, we helped many Ukrainian seafarers evolve into competitive sought-after professionals.
After 30 years of continuous and successful crewing services, Adriatico is still managed by professionals with vast sea-going experience as Master Mariners and Marine Engineer Superintendents. We understand what your Crew department needs.
We are proud of our work; the majority of our clients have relied on Adriatico for decades. Similarly, seafarers return for employment through our offices.
Our success is based on being able to find and accurately select the best available seafarers with in-depth interviews (and more), and to quickly propose the best candidate with sincerity, objectiveness and without prejudice. And we help Owners build their crew pool.
We submit the truth at all costs. We stand by our work and we aim to keep it this way.
Taking care of your crewing needs is our daily operation, our only operation. By using our services you can expect efficiency, as served by professionals who completely understand your job’s challenges. To your benefit, we become an extension of your Crew Department in Ukraine, covering the whole seafarers’ community in the country and handling all your crewing needs personally, directly and efficiently.
We are ready to support your crewing needs during these demanding market conditions.
Sincerely Yours,
Capt. Andreas Pyrovolakis
Founder and Group Managing Director
Adriatico Crewing


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