Manning Agents in Ukraine since 1990

Selection & Proposals 

We build lasting relationships with our clients. We focus and learn about your ships, your processes and your particularities. We select seafarers carefully. Each seafarer works differently under different company / vessel systems. We know our client and we propose accordingly. We know the fine line.

We become an extension of your Crew Department – it is our responsibility to know and work on your behalf. We care and understand; that is how we remain successful and competitive after 31 years.

We have the experience and knowledge to select and propose suitable candidates. All Adriatico Crewing Selection Officers were seafarers. We know what a ship needs. As seafarers, we propose crew as if they are to be employed under our captainship.
We can propose crew according to your needs as full, partial or emergency replacement crews. We can also offer short term solutions, supplying crew on an ad hoc basis at short notice.

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