Manning Agents in Ukraine since 1990
Offices and Staff

Adriatico staff have extensive experience in shipping. Many reached the top of their seagoing careers before joining this agency. Most staff members have worked at the agency since its founding in 1990. Team spirit is a key component to our success, also contributing to the agency’s smooth operation and efficiency.

Details of Adriatico offices and staff can be found below.


  • ODESSA Office
    • Captain Andreas Pyrovolakis
      Master Mariner, F.G.
      18 years at sea

      Group Managing Director
      Founder of Adriatico 1990
    • Dr. Alexander Lang
      25 years with Adriatico
      Office Manager
      Odessa Medical University
      Ship’s Doctor, MD

    • Valeriy Kondratyev
      20 years with Adriatico
      Navigators Familiarization
      Supt. Engineer 35 years at sea
      Odessa Marine Engineers Univ.

    • Vsevolod Shestak
      23 years with Adriatico
      Selection & Interviews
      IT Engineer
      Odessa Polytechnical University
    • Vladimir Shestak
      24 years with Adriatico
      Bauman University, Moscow
    • Ilia Klyuka
      19 years with Adriatico
      Odessa Politechnic Univ.
    • Alexander Mamytkhozhin
      24 years with Adriatico
      Odessa Marine School
    • Lyubov Khmara
      21 years with Adriatico
      Documentation ISM / Flag
      Odessa Economical Univ.
    • Yulia Chermash
      16 years with Adriatico
      Sourcing & Documentation
      Odessa University
    • Petr Tishyn
      21 years with Adriatico
      IT & Networks
      Professor Computer Networks
      Odessa Polytechnical Univ.
    • Natalia Malina
      25 years with Adriatico

    • Captain Nikolay Kuchmiy
      7 years with Adriatico
      Offshore Maritime Consultant

    • Karina Zakrytova
      6 years with Adriatico
      Visa & Sourcing
  • MARIUPOL Office
    • Irina Kovalskaya
      Office Director
      23 years with Adriatico
      Mechanical Engineer

    • Elena Marchenko
      Documentation ISM / Flag
      19 years with Adriatico
      Mechanical Engineer

    • Yulia Mitrofanova
      10 years with Adriatico

    • Andrey Kovalchuk
      IT Administrator
      17 years with Adriatico
      Applied Mathematics
    • Inna Bilyk
      Office Assistant
      4 years with Adriatico
  • PIRAEUS (Liaison)
    • Capt Costas Gikas
      Head of Crewing Selections
      Master Mariner, FG.
      With Adriatico for 25 years
    • Capt Kostas Karampassis
      Head of Crewing Operations
      Master Mariner, F.G.
      With Adriatico for 19 years
    • Giorgos Michaelidis
      Head of Crew Movements 
      Radio Officer, Merchant Marine
      With Adriatico for 26 years
    • Phaedon Velalis
      Crew Movements
      With Adriatico 7 years
    • Maria Michaelidou
      ISM / Flag / Documentation
      With Adriatico 2 years
    • George Pragias
      With Adriatico 1 year
    • Marianna Grigoriadou
      With Adriatico for 11
    • Michael Morfis
  • KIEV (Station)
    • Tatyana Lazarenko
      21 years with Adriatico
      Crew Facilitation
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